The reason for the termination of the contract is – [I am not satisfied with the performance of the vehicle. So I made this decision, since I paid half the amount while the agreement was written, I want to get 50 percent of the money back] (mention the statements above if you are not satisfied with the vehicle, and you recently made the deal). I want to return your vehicle to the return date with all the documents I have been given. If you have any doubts or questions about this issue, you can email me at `E-mail` (enter your email ID) or contact me at the address (enter your phone number). Thank you very much for your cooperation throughout the contract period and thank you for spending your time reading this. The reason for the termination of the contract is – that is why I would like to terminate the lease. There are no other reasons for this action. I thought it was better for me to write a week or two in advance. I am a “name” and I am working as a “The reason I am writing this letter” is to inform you that I will terminate the contract signed by your financial company and the contract that is the vehicle`s date and year (name of the vehicle and its details). Now I am writing this letter to remind you of the length of the agreement and to inform you that I am in the process of signing the vehicle rental contract.

The reason is that I am now in a good position to buy a bike on my own and also, as the rental time is over, I would like to make your bike. Unlike all the financial companies that your company has a very reasonable rent for vehicles and the performance of the bike, I took the leasing was also satisfactory. They also cooperated when the invoice was paid. There are no other reasons to terminate the contract, since I can buy a new one, I think it is better if I return your vehicle. I will return the vehicle on the 15th of this month with all the papers you gave me at the time of the agreement. I thought it was better for me to inform you two or three days in advance, so I am writing this letter. However, the client or person writing this letter should provide a clear explanation for the termination of the lease. If this is the problem of the vehicle, he should be able to explain it correctly so that the reader of the letter can understand his intention.

If the reason for the termination of the lease is the conclusion of the duration of the contract, it is good that the author expresses his satisfaction with the use of the vehicle for the duration of the contract.


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