Lokale 179 402 Solomon Dr Regina, SK S4N 5A8 Canada Phone: (306) 569-0624 www.ualocal179.com/ Local 244 393 Daggerwoods Rd Antigonish, NS B0H 1R0 Canada Phone: (902) 386-2551 ualocal244.ca/ Local 71 1250 Ages, Dr Ottawa ON K1G 5T4 Canada Phone: (613) 728-5583 www.ualocal71.com/ Local 682 1776 Glace Sydney Bay Hwy Cape Breton, NS B1E 1L2 Canada Phone: (902) 562-3753 www.ualocal682.ca/ Local 254 adopted an application, That if a member worked for C L A C, they would be treated in full in the local statutes, I agree 100%. We also need to prevent companies from putting TFW at stake if there is no shortage of Canadian labour. I know we have a lot of local brothers looking for a job and we would like to fill out these calls if they were available Although I agree with the benefits as an UA plumber, I had a hard time getting in touch with Local 46. I tried many, many times, I guess, in 1995, 2000 and 2003. Why don`t I know? I had all the necessary knowledge (on paper anyway), I ended up taking a job in a plumbing company that was in local 183 (a union, nothing wrong with them, but they don`t offer the same benefits of being a local 46 plumber union, that is, improved training, on what the Ontario Colleges and Universities Ministry are asking for) So why advance for union-related workers? – and training! I firmly believe in a revaluation, our training is not as good as the time it has delivered. Our business is all change, dynamic, if you will, we must be aware of the latest trends, best practices, etc…. but if there is no delivery organization in fact, like 80% (this is the share of plumbers who with our latest progress in the plg. Technology is up to date) know what, when and how? All I can say is that I wish I could be part of Local 46. You don`t know how happy you are that people want to train you to improve our business. Local 71 200-35 De Villebois Gatineau, QC J8T 8J7 Canada Phone: 819-246-1776 www.ualocal71.com/ Local 800 165 Northern Ave E Sault Ste Marie, ON P6B 4H8 Canada Phone: (705) 759-4799 www.ualocal800.com/ Well, there are union members who have families to feed and pay mortgages. If they have to leave the Union because they will not find it for them, it is the Union`s fault for not caring for their brothers. The Union cannot be angry at what its members are doing if they have no choice. Even if money is better elsewhere, the EU is not doing enough to negotiate abroad for better wages and working conditions.


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Za telefonski posvet in nasvet lahko  kardiološko ambulanto pokličete vsak ponedeljek od 13h do 17h.

zobna ordinacija:                    +386 40  652 662  

zobozdravstvena info točka:  +386 30 487 571                           

kardiološka ordinacija:           (04) 530 22 58

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