Vattenfall has signed a 10-year contract to supply wind power to Microsoft`s international data centers in the Netherlands. For Vattenfall, the wind energy supply agreement is the first for a data centre outside the Nordic countries and the most important in this area, based exclusively on wind energy. Under the agreement, Microsoft receives 100% of the energy capacity of the new onshore wind farm in Vattenfall, which will be built on the Polder Wieringermeer, near the Microsoft computing center in the Netherlands. The wind farm will start producing renewable energy from 2019. Vattenfall and Skandia are jointly investing nearly two billion Swedish kronor in the construction of four wind farms in Sweden with a total capacity of 141 MW. The farms are managed by a joint venture. This is the first time that a Swedish pension company has directly financed the construction of new wind capacity in Sweden, and cooperation is accelerating the development of a sustainable energy system. Vattenfall invests in renewable energy and joint investment with Skandia will accelerate development in Sweden. This is a good thing for our respective customers, Vattenfall and Power-Air Solutions, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have signed a 10-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). Renewable electricity and electricity come from a new solar farm built by the customer in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in mid-2021. The facility will have an installed capacity of 60 megawatts (MW). Vattenfall and Bosch have signed a contract to sell solar electricity in northern Germany. Vattenfall and tuuliWatti, Finland`s largest wind energy producer, have signed a five-year energy service contract covering all of TuuliWatti`s wind energy production in Finland.

As of January 1, 2020, the agreement includes forecasts, trade and offsets for the total wind energy production of TuuliWatti in Finland. Currently, the company`s wind turbine portfolio has an installed capacity of 441 MW and an annual production of approximately 1.3 TWh, or 20% of Finland`s annual wind generation in 2019. “The agreement with TuuliWatti is entirely in line with what PPPs are? What are the types of AAEs? What are the prospects for AAEs and what could be the PPP formulas that work? Hanno Mieth, head of Vattenfall Trading for the development of electricity purchase contracts for existing wind turbines and new investments in solar electricity in Germany, gives an overview.


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