Disclaimer: This model of agreement does not replace professional legal advice and is only used for informational purposes. Using this model, no lawyer-client relationship will be established between you and the author of the models. Before entering into a legal agreement, you must consult a qualified lawyer in your country. A vesting calendar provides a good way to achieve this and ensures that all shareholders buy into the company`s long-term vision and agree to obtain their agreed share allocation on weekly/monthly earnings over a four-year period. Set up for four years of vesting with a one-year cliff. The vesting schedules can be adapted to the needs of the company. 4.3. Shareholders take the necessary steps to amend the Memorandum and the Company`s by-law so that they are in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. A vesting pitfall attempts to reduce the risk of weighting the shares, which means that a shareholder simply owns equity but does not add value to the company – something that future shareholders or investors want to avoid. All disputes arising from or related to this agreement must be submitted for mandatory arbitration before a single arbitrator in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, as in effect on that date. The place of such arbitration will be [Los Angeles, California].

The founders agree that each party may request, within 7 days of filing an arbitration application, that the parties` dispute be first submitted to a neutral reviewer in accordance with the American Arbitration Association`s neutral screening procedures, before the arbitration is concluded. 8. Vesting. The initial capital issued pursuant to Section 6 is transferred to each founder [ENTER NUMBER OF YEARS FOR VESTING] and each founder enters into a share restriction agreement on the date of its creation, which defines such a sale: the company assigns elements of profit and loss as if the company were liquidated, sold its assets at fair market value and distributed the resulting proceeds to the founders (excluding liabilities) under that agreement. We`ve added an appointment. During the negotiation process between the investor and the start-up, an agenda is usually signed. The aim is to clearly and simply outline all the key aspects of financial investment (financing, corporate governance and liquidation).


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